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FREE Trial

All member's are invited to come along on a Tuesday session for a free assessment in order to place them in the correct training group. 


X3 sessions at £5

If the coach feel's you are at a level to join you will then be invited to train for a further x3 session's at £5 each to be sure the swimmer is happy to sign up officially.


One off fee

Joining Fee

If both parties are happy and you wish to join, you will then be expected to pay a £30 joining fee, this includes a CAT 1 ASA membership (non competitive) and a club swimming hat.



Monthly swim fee

It is then your choice if you would like to swim

once or twice a week

We kindly ask all training fee's are paid via bank transfer on the 1st of each month to make life easier for our treasurer.

X1 session a week - £22.50 a month

X2 sessions a week - £35 a month

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